Adoption Application

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Adoption Application

TK Poodles Guardian Home Program

TK Poodles believes that every dog deserves to be a part of a family in a loving home. We do not raise our dogs in outdoor kennels, they are raised in our home and are a part of our family. While we’d love to keep ALL our breeding dogs in our home, we know that in doing so they wouldn’t have the quality of life they deserve. For this reason, we are offering Guardian Home opportunities to families who meet criteria. Our Guardian program is an excellent way to co-own a high quality, hypoallergenic, genetically and health tested Poodle as a family pet at a super low cost!

Here’s how it works! If interested and your family meets criteria, fill out a Guardian Home application. TK Poodles will contact families for an interview once a puppy becomes available. Guardian puppies will be selected by TK Poodles based on health, temperament, and structure.

Female guardian dogs begin producing between 18 and 24 months of age. When a female dog is in season, the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. The female will then come to our home during her heat cycle for breeding, afterwards returning home to her guardian family for the duration of her pregnancy. The female will return to TK Poodles one week prior to her expected date of delivery. Once our Guardian Home contract is fulfilled, TK Poodles will cover the cost of spay and transfer ownership to Guardian families. Females will then retire with their Guardian families in their forever homes.

Our puppies are an essential component of our program and require long-term commitment and love. Our contract covers the details of our Guardian Home Program more thoroughly. If you would like to be considered for part of TK Poodles Guardian Home Program, please contact us.

Guardian Home Requirements:

Benefits of Being a Guardian Home:

Guardian Home Application


Date of Birth: 10/24/2021

Breed: Moyen Poodle

Weight: 13 Ibs (expected adult weight 25 pounds)

Juliet is a deep red Moyen poodle. She is an absolute joy; confident, super friendly and intelligent. Juliet enjoys games of fetch, playtime with other dogs and cuddles with her humans. She is well socialized around children and dogs. Juliet is crate trained and has been doing well with her outdoor potty routine. She is a quick learner and knows many of her basic commands. Juliet has been genetically tested and cleared of all breed relevant conditions. We are proud to have added this beautiful girl to our program and we are seeking the perfect guardian home for her.

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